How To Make Your Bed Look Showroom Standard

How should you dress a bed? How many pillows are appropriate? How much is too much? What size of cushions are best?

So many questions to consider when it comes to your bed, and let's be honest, it is the most precious piece of furniture we have in our homes. We spend half our lives on the darn thing, for sleeping of course.

Obviously, the answer depends on the style of the bedroom, and your personal style preferences. Oh and how long you to make the bed every morning (believe me this can be quite an art). But here are some simple principles to keep in mind.

1.The simple chic. Less is more, usually less than 5 cushions, but they make a statement in their simplicity. Lovely and neat.


2. The standing ovation. Can be in rows of largest in the back to smallest in the front. Mixes of Euro pillows and standard pillows with decorative cushions in front. This definitely has the wow factor.


3.Messy and mixed. For those that like cushions, but don’t mind the “throw and go” look. For those who have less time in the mornings.


4.The show stopper this can Never-fail - 5 pillow combination (king bed). Use 3 Euro cushions in the very back, then 4 queen or king standard cushions in shams in the next row, then one smaller decorative cushion in the very front. Always a great look and not too many pillows, but enough to look like you just stepped into a showroom (and not bug your husband when you go to bed).


How do you dress your bed? What are your must know tips?

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