Along with the safety of our employees, our priority is to continue supporting our customers. We think that it's especially important during these times to provide support to all affected - whether you work from home or are just looking for some semblance of normal times. We'll continue to share information on this page, so check back often.

Update: March 25, 2021
Our shipments to Ireland and Australia are back normal. A multitude of thanks to your continued support of our small business.

Update: June 6, 2020
Our shipments to Ireland and Australia are currently taking longer than expected - delivery times vary from 15-35 business days.

Note: our custom-made items now ship normally.

Update: June 5, 2020
Good news! Our fulfillment times are back to near normal at 3-5 days. This applies to all products: custom-made cushion covers, throw pillows and bean bag covers. A multitude of thanks to your continued support of our small business.

Update: May 22, 2020
We are continuing to fulfill as much as we can at our facilities. Most of our branches are operational while following each country's public health guidelines. We're working on safely increasing our output. We're partnering with backup facilities to help us manage order volume, and we're routing orders to wherever they can be fulfilled most efficiently.

Be prepared for delays. We're still seeing long fulfillment and shipping times at Cushion Covers Store. The entire industry is grappling with challenges and we're seeing delays in our supply chain, including distributors and shipping carriers. Our support team is doing their best to keep up with increased customer questions. Our average email response time has increased to about one day, and we're not available on the phone.

Our custom-made Cushion Covers, Throw Pillows and Bean Bags are experiencing delay throughout the US and Europe. Fulfillment estimated - 15-30 days. We truly appreciate your patience during this trying time.


AKA "What happens after I place my order and before it magically turns up on my doorstep"?

A more exciting question begins with "How". You will receive the product with exuberant enthusiasm and with sublime delight. And this will inspire you to have a most magnificent day.

If you have ordered a custom-made product, you will receive your goods within 2-8 business days after it has been shipped. For other items, it typically takes 7-14 business days. In rare instances, it may take longer and you will be notified.

All of our products are fulfilled on demand once you place an order. To estimate when your order arrives, add our fulfillment time to the shipping time. You can read more about shipping by clicking here.

Yes, all of our shipping methods have tracking. Your tracking number can be found in your shipping notification email. The tracking number is generated when a shipping label is printed - keep in mind the tracking information may not reflect any real action for up to 24 hours after a label has been printed.

You can track your order by clicking here.

If it has been more than 24 hours since you received a shipping notification and the tracking still reflects no action or movement, contact us at Please do note that the quality of tracking may differ for some local carriers.

First of all, we wish to share our happiness as we now have two new facilities in Europe! Having celebrated that, and depending where in the EU you are, shipping will take 2-8 business days for all custom-made products. For other items, the time is 7-14 business days. Please note that this is after fulfillment.

Good question. All of our products are quality checked and some are hand-made and manufactured to order. In other words, they do not exist until you order them. We make them specifically for you. We know, it is quite something and super special. We are very proud of this.

Fulfillment is us processing your order and (at times) crafting the product, and this takes between 2-5 business days, depending on a few things, such as availability of materials and what you have ordered. The end result is the original, high quality product that you will receive.

Umm ... no. Unless you want us to send you a paper airplane. Actually, we are currently experimenting with US orders that ship with the Overnight delivery method - they are marked as priority and bumped up in the fulfillment queue. If this applies to you, you will likely have your order fulfilled faster. We are also experimenting with other things.

Another great question. We sincerely believe that if you stay high the product will inevitably find its way to you. But on the off-chance that it doesn't ... if someone receives the product at the other address, or it is sitting idle at your local post office, you will need to deal directly with them to collect the product. We are not able to comment on whether you should bring along some gifts to, let's say, make the encounter more amicable.

Ultimately, you are responsible for entering your address correctly. If the product is returned to us as return-to-sender, we will gladly change the address and re-ship it, though you may likely incur additional shipping charges. Either way, you need to send us a note at

Because of the variety of products we fulfill, we package each item based on dimension requirements to ensure protection during shipment. Please send us a note if you would like to have further information.

The short answer is no, mostly because it only has two letters. We are unable to ship to some countries because of legal restrictions or shipping carrier limitations. For now, this includes Cuba, Iran, Crimea, Syria, and North Korea. Sorry guys.

Remarkably, we can ship to all other countries - this is quite a long list, so start shopping! Caveat: we have not yet shipped to all countries, for example #burkinafaso and #guatemala and #myanmar so we still need to put this claim to the test.

Sometimes, not always. It will depend on what items you ordered. To make sure your order arrives safely, some products are packaged in different, separate packages.

Custom-made items are only made when you order them - i.e. they are custom-made for you. How exciting!

Conversely, Stock-item products are items that are stocked and - you guessed it - not made just for you.


What to do in the event that a product needs to be returned

To begin the returns process, you will need to send us an email at We will then send you instructions on how and where to return your items. Please do not return anything without contacting us first! This is important because only then can we make sure you have the correct returns address. We have several locations and don't want your return to get lost. Please note that you need to contact us and shp your return within 14 days of receiving your items to be eligible for a refund.

To the rescue, here we come! If something - anything, arrives damaged, please contact us at and send a photo of the damaged goods and the packing slip. We will gladly send a replacement at no cost to you. Keep in mind that you need to contact us within 14 days of receiving the damaged products.

If the package was marked as delivered by the carrier, we are not able to cover costs for re-shipping, or can we refund the order. You will need to reach out to the carrier to file a claim and request for any additional details. We're not yet able to assist with filing claims with shipping carriers but hope to do so in the future! Please also send us an email at and we will do our best to help locate the package.

You have 14 days. Let it be repeated for clarity: you have 14 days from the moment you receive your order to contact us at and to ship your return. If you do not communicate with us within these 14 days, you are not eligible for a refund.

After you contact us, we will send instructions on how and where to return your items. We want you to have a painless returns experience so please do not return anything without contacting us first! This is important because only then can we make sure you have the correct returns address. We have several locations and don't want your return to get lost.

Excellent question! Another way to ask this is "Can I return my product if I changed my mind?"

Please read more about our Returns Policy by clicking here, but in summary ...

We ask that you make your purchases responsibly - i.e. we do not accept returns for colour variations or a change of heart. Please note that the images for products on the website should be used as a reference only in conjunction with the written descriptions. Due to the nature of colour calibration, the colours on your monitor or phone will differ from the actual product. Products can also look different under artificial light as compared to natural light. Please send us a note for further clarification.

Our custom-made cushions, cushion covers, bean bags and bean bag covers are sent to production immediately after the receipt of your order. I.e, once production begins it cannot be stopped. You will incur a 50% service charge for cancellation.

Orders for our stock-item cushion covers and cushion pad inserts can be cancelled up to the moment of shipment. After the product has shipped, our returns policy applies.

Note: there is a 3% service charge for all cancelled orders.


Stay with the frequency.