Our Top Tips For Styling Your Sofa This Season

Seasons change, trends come and go. But it doesn’t mean you have to splash out on a complete new look with a bank emptying home makeover. “What’s the solution..?” I hear you say…Cushion Covers!

Simply dressing your sofa, or “that chair” in the corner that needs some love, with a simple touch of colour can transform your living space in to a home to be proud of. In this post, we will share our top products for dressing your sofa, as voted by you.

1.Luxury Emerald Green Velvet Cushion Cover

Our best seller, again, as voted by you. Our Luxury Emerald Dark Green Velvet Cushion Cover is the perfect example of how a dark shade can still lighten up your space. Try using contrasting deep colours, such as reds, deep pinks and yellow mustard with our Dark Green Velvet Cushion Cover.


2.Soft Duck Egg Blue Velvet Cushion Cover


Moving away from darks but staying with greens, our Soft Collection Green Velvet Cushion Cover compliments almost sofa and cushion arrangement. Due to it’s soft colour, the Soft Duck Egg Blue Velvet Cushion Cover is enjoyed all year round, spring, summer, autumn and those dark winters. Top Tip - For a fuller look, try using an insert 5cm larger than the size you buy.


3. Slate Grey Velvet Cushion Cover - Bloggers Top Pick

Enjoy the finer things in life? Our Slate Grey Velvet Cushion Cover fits perfectly in a home with grey and white tones. Looking for something to spice up your bedroom arrangement? Transform your home into a boutique hotel with a few simple luxury touches.


4. Luxury Blush Pink Soft Velvet Cushion Cover

Although the trend for blush and dusty pinks will dwindle as the dark nights crawl in, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy those summer vibes from the comfort of your home. We recommend opting for larger sizes of our Luxury Blush Pink Soft Velvet Cushion Cover such as 60x60cm and using a smaller cushion in front as a finishing touch.

 What are your top tips for styling your home this season? We would love to hear your thoughts. Share your tips and tricks for dressing your sofa by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook 


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