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Custom Prints Wholesale and Drop Shipping

Welcome to our Luxury Homewares and Custom Prints Cushion and Cushion Cover Wholesale website. Please note, there is a 10 items minimum for standard wholesale orders. But we do offer worldwide free shipping! Placing an order on this site is the same as making a purchase order. Please register using the link provided below and place your order once you receive approval of your account. We manufacture our products in small batches to consistently ensure the highest quality. We also offer Drop Shipping; please read below.


How do I sign up for wholesale?
- To begin, you will need sign up by clicking here .

Are you interested in drop shipping?
- Start by clicking here . We offer 20% discount and free shipping. We will ship as you place order(s) to the address that you provide.

Do you have a minimum quantity requirement?
- At this time, our minimum quantity is 10.

What discount do I get?
- Our discounts are 20-30% off the list price.

Where are your products manufactured?
- Our wholesale items are specific and only apply to our Handmade Collection (click here to view). They are custom manufactured to order in the EU, UK, and USA.

Do you offer world-wide shipping?
- Yes.

Where do you ship from?
- Our products ship from the EU, UK, and the USA. Where your item will be shipped from depends on the product and the destination.

How much does shipping cost?
- Our world-wide shipping is free. Fantastics, eh?

How do I place an order?
-To begin, you will need sign up for a wholesale account by clicking here and fill out the form.
Note: the form below is for regular enquiries only.

Can I Return the purchase?
- Our wholesale items are custom-made, just for you. We do not accept returns. All sales are final.
We recommend you to first purchase samples. We offer a 15% discount for 3+ items.

Will I incur Custom Duties or Import Tax?
- Please note that depending on your location, and the volume of your order, you may incur additional import charges. If this happens, it is usually a non-reclaimable customs tax and related administration fees. We can only recommend checking your country's specific regulations on import duty.

Do regular Terms & Conditions apply?
- Yes. You can view them by clicking here.

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